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03 January, 2023

According to statistics released by Rightmove, February is the best month of the year to list your home. The property website revealed that, on average, homes listed in February are sold in just 51 days.

However, if you aren’t quite ready, March is close behind, with listings being snapped up in 52 days.

Rightmove’s figures are based on all properties listed since 2012, but excludes 2020 due to the effects of COVID-19 on the market.

October’s average is the longest, with homes taking 63 days to find a buyer, so you may wish to make your move sooner rather than later, especially when you take into account the unpredictable effects of an autumn General Election.

Traditionally spring has been a popular time to list homes, with outdoor spaces looking their best as the leaves and flowers come out of hibernation and those extra hours of daylight. But the new year clearly has people looking for a fresh start, too. If this is you, give us a call or book a valuation online.

Here are some easy things you can do to prepare for the photos and viewings:

  • Consider kerb appeal. Many buyers make up their minds about a property before they are even in the door. Weed and jetwash your path and driveway, tidy any flower beds, mow the lawn, and consider adding a few pots of cheerful flowers or neatly trimmed greenery. Make sure your windows, doors and walls are clean and the paintwork and brickwork are in good condition. If you’re in a flat, make sure the stairwells and landings are as neat as possible – have the management company replace any blown bulbs and remove anything stored in the communal areas. First impressions really do count!
  • Clear the way. Many buyers cannot visualise a space without its contents, so the less clutter you have around the property, the better. If people walk into a tidy home with plenty of space, they will see its potential far more easily. Moving is a time when most people take the opportunity to declutter, so getting a head start will help you later on. If you can’t clear out, consider renting some storage for a couple of months – it could be a good investment as your home is likely to sell for more if people can picture themselves in it.
  • Fix it up. Repair those little niggles – the noticeable scuffs and broken handles that can put a buyer off. If it costs a little time and money, don’t skimp on setting it right or it could cost you thousands off the asking price. On the other hand, don’t start a major remodel or redecoration. You are unlikely to recoup the expense and the buyer may want to redo it to their taste anyway.
  • Make it feel welcoming. Those little tricks are clichéd for a reason – they work. Before a viewing aim to air your home, put the heating on if it’s chilly out, arrange some flowers, and make some fresh coffee or bake some bread (a packet of part baked rolls count – just don’t burn them). These are massive sensory touchpoints and the combination of freshness and homeliness they evoke will do a lot for your home’s popularity.
  • Get a second opinion. You spend a lot of time in your home and probably don’t see it as it truly is – whether for better or for worse. Ask a friend to give you an impartial opinion or, better yet, ask your friendly local estate agent.

Madison Fox’s experienced team will help you identify which jobs are worth doing and what features are catching buyers’ eyes right now. Book an in person valuation to get their feedback on your property and how to show it in its best light.

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